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No.9 "Introducing Hitotsuba Inari shrine!"


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The story of 2015.
My mother told me an interesting story. There is a person who can see spiritual things (deity, future, your mind etc) in mother's workplace. I write her as Ms.N. She said to my mother "The Hitotsuba Inari shrine certainly has deity. So I often visit this shrine." ...d...deity!? Really?? I decided to go there to make sure of it.

What kind of shrine is the Hitotsuba Inari Shrine?

This time, I would like to introduce you to the Japanese shrine "Hitotsuba Inari shrine (一葉稲荷神社)". This is a shrine in Miyazaki prefecture of Japan. There are many shrines in Japan and various kinds of deities are enshrined there. The enshrined deities are different by the shrines. For example,

○The deity of good commerce
○The deity of matchmaking
○The deity of study
○The deity of victory etc...

So when you go to the shrine, I recommend that you first learn about the deities enshrined in that shrine.
In the Hitotsuba Inari shrine, these deities are enshrined.

● Main enshrined deity / Ukanomitamanomikoto(倉稲魂命)

● Other enshrined deities / Sarutahikonomikoto(猿田彦命), Shiozuchinoojinokami(塩土老翁神), Ookuninushinomikoto(大国主命),Ebisujin(恵比寿神), jurojin(寿老人)

Many people wish for business prosperity in this shrine and are especially popular among locals.

What kind of vibe?

If you visited the shrine, please feel the vibe of that place. It depends on the shrine. A sensitive person will soon notice the difference. I didn't aware at first, but it is recently I noticed that.
The vibe of this shrine is very calm and relaxed atmosphere. I can feel positive when I go to this shrine. This is my favorite shrine.


This is the photo of the Hitotsuba Inari Shrine I took. I hope you like it.

It is a gateway named "Torii (鳥居)". It plays a role like a boundary line (barrier).

From the front view.

The Zeniarai Shrine (銭洗神社). You can find such a small shrine inside the shrine's grounds.

The Ebisu shrine (恵比寿神社). This is also a small shrine in the grounds. He is the god of fortune.

Komainu (狛犬). This is a pair of statues, so it is basically placed on the left and right. This photo is the right.

This photo is the left. Did you notice it differently?

Haiden (拝殿). We greet deities at this place. There are several manners, I will write it in the future.


Address: 1402 Shibeppu-cho Maehama, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan

If you come to Miyazaki, I recommend that you rental a car. There aren't many trains and buses, you will feel inconvenient.


At first, I heard that "deity is in this shrine" and visited there. I wasn't interested in the shrine until then. Now that I love this shrine!
This shrine is small but very friendly and amazing. I experienced a slightly mysterious something at here. I will write it someday.

See you next time!



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