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No.24 "The story that I went to Aratate shrine for a ritual of purification!"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

The introduction of the Aratate shrine is here.

3 years have already passed when I first became interested in spiritual things. I didn't even go to the shrine until 2014, but now I'm drawing a spiritual blog and comic... it is an amazing progress.

Well, this story goes back to the beginning of 2018. I thought "I would like to receive prayers at the shrine." There is a rumor that Aratate shrine has a famous priest who can see spiritual vision. If that is true, I would like go there for a ritual of purification. I thought in this way and decided to make a reservation for it. Normally we don't need to call when ritual of purification at a shrine. However, the shrine is so popular that you have to make a reservation. It's an interesting story, but people who don't need to pray and those who don't have a chance cannot make reservations or arrive at there.

March 15, 2018. I called while a little nervous.
"I would like to receive prayers, is this day available?"
"That day...I guess I can manage it somehow!"
He didn't even ask my name. umm... Did I really make a reservation? Thus I decided to receive ritual of purification at Aratate shrine.

What is ritual of purification?

Ritual of purification is a performance for offering wishes and pray to deities. It is called "Oharai (お祓い)" or "Gokitou (ご祈祷)" in Japanese.

If you want to receive prayers at a shrine or temple, you should first go to the shrine office. There are several types of prayer, so you can choose what you like. For example,

●Make a wish for success
●Good business
●Pray for safety of your family
●Pray for an easy delivery of child
Miyamairi (お宮参り) This is a prayer for about 1 month old baby
Shichi-go-san (七五三) This is a prayer for children
●Get rid of bad luck etc...

When ritual of purification, we prepare money. It is called "Hatuhoryo (初穂料)". The price depending on the shrine, but it is about 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen.

Things that need to be ready

These are things you need at ritual of purification.

●Japanese Gift-Money Envelopes (Noshi)
●Formal style
■ About Japanese Gift-Money Envelopes

In Japan, we wrap money at formal events. It is Japanese Gift-Money Envelopes (Noshi) to be used at that time. There are many types and it uses them depending on the event. (For the patient in the hospitalized, Celebration, Funeral, Birth and more)
You may not know where to buy it, or which type to choose. About where you can buy it. They are sold at Japanese 100 yen shops, stationery stores and convenience stores etc. The easiest thing is to make it on the free internet site.
↓All these sites are Japanese only.

About which type to choose. Black color expresses funerals and misfortunes. So you need to choose red color line or white. Please use the picture below for your information.

■ About clothes

Formal wear seems to be desirable. There is no problem in everyday wear, but if possible it is better not to wear jeans. In strict shrines, casual clothes may not be accepted. (like a Ise Grand Shrine) So, if you're worried about it, I recommend you check in advance!

■ About sake

If you feel like "I would like to offer for deity a sake" when receive prayer, you should prepare a sake. It is said that Japanese deities love to drink. In Japan, we dedicate sake to shrines at such times.

●When ritual of purification
●When you convey your wish to deity at a shrine and the wish came true
●As New Year greetings

If you can, you should choose Junmai sake (純米酒 is liquor made from rice.) There is no problem if the size is small or large. Important things is your feeling. Sake is the same as money, it is preferable to wrap it in paper for gifts (Noshi). Write "奉納(Dedicated)" and your name as seen in the picture below.

At the time of this ritual of purification, I selected and brought a delicious sake.

Ritual of purification at the Aratate Shrine

April 2018.

Finally the day has come. I went to the shrine and waited until the appointed time. The priest was very busy this day.30 minutes later than scheduled, I was finally able to receive prayer.

I was taken to the small room where deities are enshrined. It is a special place which we cannot usually enter. I experienced a ritual of purification there. During the ritual I felt a very solemn and calm atmosphere. It was a aura that I had never felt in daily life. Thus the ritual of purification ended. In general shrine, that will end here. However, at this Aratate Shrine, we can consult with the priest. That is why this shrine is famous, the priest can see spiritual vision. He can see the past and the future, and talk with deities. It is rumored that he has never been wrong his prophecy.

"Do you have any question?" He asked me. I wrote in the last article, but I have no worries. I thought about my trouble and any advice for this day, but I didn't find anything. So I decided to ask about my future and some curious things.

I asked, "From now on I want to make a living doing what I love. Is that possible?" He was smiling and answered. "Don't worry! You don't have to worry about anything. You're very mature. So no worries!"
I asked a few more questions, but there are words that I remember the most impression. That is "You're so kind." I was very surprised to hear that because had never been told by other people that I'm a kind person. If that's true, I'm glad hehe.

I finished all the questions. Then he suddenly asked me, "How is your father doing? What kind of work does he do?" I realized for the first time that he’s the real deal. It is because before coming to this shrine, my father was worried about his work. I recommended him to come to the shrine with me, but he didn't come because he hated religion. However he said me, "Please ask the priest about my work." I didn't intend to ask about my father at all, but the priest asked me about his work. The priest said, " Your father's work is ok. Nothing is wasteful for his lives. Everything happens for a reason." I realized that I came here for my father.

After all the consultations, I tried to hand money. But he said, "No need! Use it for you." So I decided to put money in a offering box (Saisenbako).
He is a wonderful spiritual counselor.

Aratate shrine's video

Taken by me this short video when I visited in April. Cherry blossoms bloom in Japan at this time.


It was about 30 minutes when I received prayers at Aratate Shrine, but it was a very interesting, meaningful and amazing time. Above all else this priest is great! He has a reputation for never been wrong. If it's true, my future is ok and I'm a kind person. In fact, I'm popular to animals, babies and small children haha.
Kidding aside, my first ritual of purification was very wonderful. Then my father got a better job than before.

If you're interested in a ritual of purification, let's try it in your favorite shrines and temples!
See you next time!



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