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No.8 "The reason I got interested in the shrine."


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual manga website, I express with manga what I felt and experienced.

The reason I got interested in the shrine

Until around 2013 I was thought that " "Shrine? I don't really go there because I'm not interested in that. Many Japanese people visits the shrine in the New Year, but I don't know why they are going to a shrine...". I like to take photo. At that time, I sometimes went to the shrine and took it. However I didn't visit at all...only to take photo.

For example,

1. You go to your friend's house.
2. You ignore your friends and enter the house.
3. You take photo at the room and leave.

It is very terrible story but I was doing the same as that.
I wasn't interested in spiritual things and God at that time. I didn't believe everything like that. However, since about 2014, I was interested in the spiritual things and decided to investigate. Then, I realized that shrine is related to spiritual deeply. So I went to the shrine on my way to taking photo.

Let' go to the shrine!

I will introduce the shrine that I actually visited from now on. I live in Japan Miyazaki prefecture, so I would like to introduce around the local shrines! Please use the information when you visit the shrine in Miyazaki.

I visit various shrines now and feel the atmosphere is different for each places. Hope you can find your favorite shrine.
See you next time!




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