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No.21 "Introducing Kaeda Shrine!"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

This is the story of 2015. When I searched for shrines in Miyazaki on the Internet, I found some interesting information. Some people who can see deity wrote in their blog that "There is a female deity in Kaeda shrine." Female deity!? Really!? I was very excited and decided to go there.

So I'll introduce the Kaeda shrine this time!

What is Kaeda shrine?

Kaeda Shrine (加江田神社) is located in Gakuen kibanadai, Miyazaki. I introduce the deities enshrined in the shrine.

[The main deities] ●Amaterasu ookami (天照大神) ●Izanagi no mikoto (伊邪那岐命) ●Izanami no mikoto (伊邪那美命)

The shrine was built in another place before, but it is said that it sank due to the 1662 huge earthquake tsunami and it has transferred to the present place.

How's the vibe of the shrine?

It is a small shrine. However The air is clear and feels good. This shrine is always kept well and familiar to local people. I feel so.

Kaeda shrine's photo and video

I took some photos and video, so I'll introduce you them.

Entrance to the shrine. You can see Torii(鳥居) and Komainu(狛犬).

This is Torii (gateway). As you move forward from the torii, you will experience the change of air.

Komainu on the right. Basically, the Komainu on the right side is open the mouth.

Komainu on the left. Their face varies by shrine. In Kaeda shrine their has red eyes.

You can see the main shrine (Haiden). We pray here.



If you go this shrine, you need a car. Because here is a bit away from the city.

Free parking available.

Miyazaki has a famous shrine called "Eda Shrine (江田神社)". Because Kaeda shrine and Eda shrine sound similar, please be careful not to make a mistake. Someday I'll introduce Eda Shrine too. This is known as a spiritual energy spot.


Kaeda Shrine is a small but it is a place loved by local people. I like this shrine's komainu.

Unfortunately, I felt that this place didn't agree with me so I haven't visited here for the past a few years. About 2015 when I knew this shrine, I was just a spiritual beginner.I didn't fully believe in shrines, deities, auras or Spiritual vision etc. So it may get a different impression from before if I go there now.

Since energy and deity are different by the shrine, we need to think about chemistry. For example, when you go to a shrine, if you feel that "this shrine is nice! My body feels light. " this is excellent with you. On the other hand, if you want to go but cannot reach there or feel bad or somehow feel the air is stagnant, that shrine may not be a good place for you. Anyways I think it's ok if you trust your intuition.
Well, I went to Kaeda shrine after writing this article! I visited this shrine for the first time in several years. Strike while the iron is hot. My video was taken at that time. This shrine wasn't my favorite before, but the thinking has changed. I could feel an amazing air and my body became a little lighter. I realized this shrine is a very nice place!

Kaeda shrine has solemn air and beautiful female deity. I hope you like it!

See you next time!



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