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No.15 "Introducing Kirishima Higashi Shrine!"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

The story of about the New Year 2017.

Many Japanese people go to the shrine in the New Year. I went to "Kirishima Shrine(霧島神宮)" this year. On the way, I found a shrine on the map that I have never been to. The name is "Kirishima Higashi Shrine (霧島東神社)". I've heard of the name and rumor. It is famous as a very good energy place. Since it was a good opportunity, I decided to go to the shrine.

When I was washing my hands in the chozuya (手水舎), I heard a talking voice next to me. They're parent and child, I had a few conversation with them. I heard some story that they visit this shrine every year and her mother is 90 years old! This shrine has a long stairs, but the two climbed up it energetically.

What kind of place is Kirishima Higashi Shrine where such a cheerful people visits? Let me introduce it!

What kind of shrine is Kirishima Higashi Shrine?

Kirishima Higashi Shrine (霧島東神社) is a located in Takahara-cho, Miyazaki.
I introduce the deities enshrined in the shrine.

[The main deities]●Izanagi no mikoto (伊邪那岐命) ●Izanami no mikoto (伊邪那美命)
[The other deities]●Amaterasu ookami (天照大神) ●Hikohohodemi no mikoto (彦火火出見尊) ●Amanooshihomimi no mikoto (天忍穂耳尊) ●Ninigi no mikoto (瓊瓊杵尊) ●Ugayahukiaezu no mikoto (鸕鷀草葺不合尊) ●Emperor Jimmu(神日本磐余彦尊/神武天皇)

Some people think about the shrines is strange because there are many deities. There are many deities in the shrine in most cases, and energy, deity's personality and specialty fields are different.
These deities are derived from "Japanese myths (The Kojiki/ Nihon shinwa)".
For example, this shrine has two main deities enshrined, but they are married couple.

The shrine is in Mt Kirishima and it was treated as a very sacred place from long ago.

How's the vibe of the shrine?

I visited this shrine twice before, but it was cloudy. If it is sunny, I will feel a wonderful vibe. You may feel strange about this story. The vibe is different for each shrines. So if you visit some shrines, let's feel the difference and have fun!

Let’s get back on track. In this shrine air changes clearly when I pass the torii (gateway). It was very pure, solemn and sacred atmosphere. This place is in the mountains, but many worshippers visit here one after another. You can see that it is a shrine that is loved by people.

This shrine photograph

I took some photos of the shrine so I introduce you them.

This is Torii (gateway). The atmosphere changes from here.

This is Lake Miike (御池). You can see this lake from the shrine.

Climb the stairs.

You can see the main shrine (Haiden) in front of the stairs.

I took this photo in the New Year. Kadomatsu (pine branches) is decorated.

There are several small shrines and a shop.


If you go here, you need a car. This shrine is located in a remote place.
And there is Kirishima Jingu Shrine (霧島神宮) and Sano Shrine (狭野神社) in that neighborhood, these two shrines are also very wonderful! I highly recommend it.

Free parking available.

There is a shrine named "Tsuma Kirishima Shrine (東霧島神社)" nearby. Since names are similar, please be careful not to make a mistake. (This shrine is also amazing so I'll introduce someday.)


"Because it is a famous shrine I will try and go!" This was my first opportunity, but it was a wonderful place.
The second visit was in October of last year, at that time I encountered purification ritual( prayer/ご祈祷). It is said that this is a lucky thing.

Anyway, this shrine is a good place where you can feel a very solemn atmosphere. I hope you have some interest in shrines and have fun.

See you next time!



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