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Aura (Human energy field)

No.10 "Shiny objects!? This is Prana!"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

The story of about 2015.

About one year passed since I started practicing to see the aura.
(The story is here.)I could see something like steam, but the situation almost wasn't progressing. So I looked it up on the internet and found the mysterious words "Prana". It was written that "If you see the prana, it's a good practice for improving the aura reading."

I had never heard of the words "Prana"...What is it?

What is Prana?

Prana is a word that means "breathe" or "inspire" in Sanskrit. In other words, prana is vital energy. People doing yoga may have heard of it.
There are plenty of prana in the air (anywhere!), so you can see and absorb it. Looking at the prana is easier than to see the aura, so as it were it is like your warm-up before practice.

I decided to try it.

How can you see prana?

On these conditions, you make it easier to find prana.

○ Looking up at the sky in during the day. Go outside if you can.
○ Choose sunny or cloudy day.
○ Don't focus on anywhere. You need to use your eyes different from usual.
○If you are wearing glasses, you can remove it.
How does prana look like?

In my case, it looks like "a shiny microbes". At first I cannot see anything in the sky, but it appears after a while. Prana seems to be moving, like a tadpoles ...I feel so.

Please don't be surprised if you see it for the first time. You move your eyes suddenly it may be disappear. You will probably get used to it, then you will find more light.


I was very surprised when I first saw prana. Why was I living without noticing it until now? Is my brain changed? Is it hallucination or is it really exist? That is a mysterious phenomenon. Anyway as I saw it for the first time, I have been looking at the sky until my eyes get tired.
It's easy once you get the hang of it, so practice makes perfect!
If you are interested in spiritual things, I want you to try!

See you next time!


-Aura (Human energy field)

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