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Aura (Human energy field)

No.30 "Aura has layers? What is the seven layers?"


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The story of "Is this real !? I'm able to see my aura a little" is here.

The story of about 2015.
I continued to practice seeing my hands aura, but I didn't improve very much. Something like the aura I saw was "white." However, it seems that aura is originally colored. I didn't know if lack of my spiritual skills or the way to see is different, but I thought that I want to see my aura colors...! I can only see a whitish thing of about 2cm, but how big is the actual aura in the first place?
The more mysterious it grows.

Aura has layers

It's said that we have seven layers aura. The details are as follows.

The first layer - Etheric Body
The second layer - Emotional Body
The third layer - Mental Body
The fourth layer - Astral Body
The fifth layer - Etheric Template
The sixth laye - Celestial Body
The seventh layer - Ketheric Body

The aura has meaning in each layers and the person who sees the aura seems to judge by obtaining various information from the state, color and size of this aura.

The first layer-Etheric Body

The first layer is called "Etheric Body" and it's the closest aura to the physical body. If you practice seeing the aura, you will probably catch this layer first. (So if you can see "whiteish!", the true identity is this Etheric Layer!)
Etheric Body represents "Vitality" and "Physical condition". For example, if you're injured or ill, the first layer of that part seems to be damaged or darkish.

The second layer - Emotional Body

The second layer is called "Emotional Body", as the name suggests, it's the layer that affects our emotions and feelings. If someone practice to see the aura, it seems that many people will be able to see this second layer.
Emotional body represents "Emotions", "Feelings" and "Desire". It seems bright when you're thinking of fun or positive things, but it's dull or greyed when you're thinking of pessimistic or negative things.

The third layer - Mental Body

The second layer is called "Mental Body". From the third layer, it's said that you need spiritual ability to see it.
Mental Body represents "Character", "Personality", "Awareness (Conscious)", and "Thought patterns". It seems that can know what the person is thinking by seeing at this third layer.

The fourth layer - Astral Body

The fourth layer is called "Astral Body". It's said that this Astral Body is involved when a spiritual phenomenon such as "Out-of-body experience" or "Near-death experience".
Astral Body represents "Connecting the physical and the spirit,", "Energy conversion" and "Human relationships". The fourth layer is a place where information such as the state and emotions of human relationships appear.

The fifth layer - Etheric Template

The fifth layer is called "Etheric Template". Although there are various theories, but it's said to represent "The state of the future" and "Spirit (the blueprint of the physical body)".
There are few people who can see (or catch) from the layer around here, so there is little information. Even if can see it is difficult to describe.

The sixth layer - Celestial Body

The sixth layer is called "Celestial Body". The Celestial body represents "Intuition" and "Spiritual existence". It seems to be an important layer that is much involved in spiritual abilities such as spiritual existence and unconditional love.

The seventh layer - Ketheric Body

The seventh layer is called "Ketheric Body", it represents "Higher consciousness", "The universe" and "Sacredness". It's said that the life of the person describes in the Ketheric Body.


Aura has the seven layers and I realized the layer I can see is the first layer. And I also learned that our aura shows various information. I wonder if the day comes when I feel the color of my aura...?

See you next time!


-Aura (Human energy field)

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