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Aura (Human energy field)

No.3 "Why did I get interested in spiritual things? part 2"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual manga website, I express with manga what I felt and experienced.

To continue from previous story.

I heard that there are several people who see ghosts in my mother's workplace. Among them, Ms.N seems to be able to see God, Aura and more! I sometimes hear that people see a ghosts, but I had never heard of the talk "I can see Gods."

Speaking of deity, I'm reminded of religion and mythology. What kind of the world is she seeing? I decided to make sure about it.

What is deity?

I looked into about deity a little. About deity, it is common to be subject to faith and spirituality. Sometimes we experience that natural phenomena and terrible existence are gods.

The religious beliefs are various and God is different depending on religion. And then, in the world of myths, there are quite a few crazy and very humane aspect stories.

In Japan, many people visit the shrine. It is rooted in the life of many Japanese from a long time ago. Many modern Japanese don't recognize the shrine as a religion.


I was surprised to heard that Ms.N could see deity and Aura! But I couldn't believe it easily. And what is Aura? I wasn't really sure what this is. So I decided to investigate about Aura...!

See you next time!


-Aura (Human energy field)

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