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No.23 "Introducing Aratate Shrine!"


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This is the story of 2016. When I was searching the shrine on the Internet as usual, I found some interesting information.
"The Omamori (good luck charm) of this shrine works very well."
"Many celebrity visit this place."
"The shrine's priest can see spiritual vision. His ability is amazing so many people visit to talk to him."

I found many reviews about this shrine. I have no choice but to go there! I decided to go to Takachiho using a highway from Miyazaki city, it took about 2 hours.

So I'll introduce the Aratate shrine this time!

What is Aratate shrine?

Aratate Shrine (荒立神社) is located in Takachiho-cho, Miyazaki. I introduce the deities enshrined in the shrine.

【The main deities】Sarutahiko No Kami(猿田彦神), Amenouzume No Mikoto(天鈿女命)

About the effect of this shrine.

●You can connect with suitable people
●Success of love
●Good fortune
●It will help your talent
●Dreams will come true

There are many shrines in Japan, but the specialty fields are different depending on the deity. In this shrine Amenouzume No Mikoto is enshrined, she is a deity of entertainment. (Art, theater, music, learning, skill etc) For that reason, celebrities often visit here. If you find her name in another shrine, that place will also have an effect on your talent.
Secondly, this shrine is famous for the effect of happily-married couple. Because Amenouzume and Sarutahiko are married couple. There is a legend that they got married and resided there. So this shrine visits many people who want love and talent blooming.

How's the vibe of the shrine?

This is a small shrine, but it feels soft vibe. When I visited here, other visitors came one after another. A little difficult place to go, but It is a shrine loved by people. Every time I visit this shrine, I wish "I would like to come again."

Aratate shrine's photo

I took some photos, so I'll introduce you them.

Entrance to the shrine.

Chozusha/Chozuya. Before praying, we first clean our hands and mouth here. Every shrine has this place.

Komainu on the right.

Komainu on the left.

You can see the main shrine (Haiden). If you lucky day, the inside door open and can see. Deities (Amenouzume and Sarutahiko) are enshrined there.

Shichihuku tokuzyu bangi (七福徳寿板木). It is said that your wish will come true if you knock on this board seven times.


If you go this shrine, you need a car. It is close to go from Kumamoto or Miyazaki, it takes about two hours by using the expressway. The shrine is near the center of Takachiho, but it is a little hard to find, so I recommend you should check in advance.

Free parking available.
You will be able to find the torii(gateway) as you go to a narrow street.


This shrine has a warm and soft aura. If you visit Takachiho Town, you should go there!
Anyway...I was interested in the shrine's chief priest. Many people visit to talk to him...But I have no trouble and don't need any advice. (I can solve most of my troubles by myself) I thought that I had no chance. However in April 2018, I got the opportunity to meet and talk to him. (It needs to be reserved) So I decided to look for my problems to talk to him.

Next time I will write about that time. See you next time!



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