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No.22 " My spirit guide is Ochimusha!!? Story of doubt."


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

This is a story when I was a student. After school, I found some classmates excited. I heard a conversation like this. "You have three spirit guide. That is an old lady, so strong." "Your spirit guide is a princess of the Middle Ages."

At that time I didn't believe at all in ghost and spiritual things, but it seemed interesting, so I decided to go to that group and listen to the story to make some fun of it. She looked at me and said, "I can see ghost and spirit guide... your guide is Ochimusha!!" (Ochimusha is a samurai, but he lost the fight and ran away. When searching for his image, often an arrow is stuck in his head.)
What did you say??? My spirit guide is O...Ochimusha!? I was shocked then haha.

What is the spirit guide in the first place? So I will introduce the existence of spirit guide this time!

What is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit guides are generally said to be the existence to assistance and protect us.
Examples of the guide

●Someone who is connected with you, such as your ancestors
●Someone who is connected with your past life
●Guardian Angels
●Mythical creatures etc...

As for the spirit guide, opinions differ depending on the Psychic Medium. Some people say "Everyone is with them", others say, "Not everyone is with them". I think it depends on the ability of that Psychic Medium. For example, Mr. A isn't visible at all, but Mr. B can be connecting with the three guide. So in this way, we all have different ability.

Types of Spirit Guides

It is said that there are four types of spirit guides.

Main Spirit Guide

It is this type that we generally imagine. Such as your ancestors and people who is connected with your past life, you have a connection with them. They are watching over us from birth till death.

Guardian Angels ( Elemental Spirits)

They affect our character and future. They control who you meet and turning point of life. Sometimes it is called a fairy or an angel.

This is a Japanese style, but we can further divide these into four.

1.Dragon gods (Ryujin 龍神) type
2.Heavenly dog (Tengu 天狗) type
3.Benzaiten (Benten 弁天) type
4.Inari gods (Inari 稲荷) type

They are deities enshrined in Japanese shrines. You will gain a wonderful guardian if you win their favor.

Teacher Guide

They teach many things and lead us. They take turns according to your talent, ability or environment. And They may teach you with several people.

Helper Guides

They have a role to support other spirit guides. They are a little special. When you and your guides cannot communicate well, they act as a mediator. Familiar people or pets may become Helper Guides.


I haven't seen spiritual beings (good or bad), so I still don't fully believe in the existence of spirit guides. Although I don't know their existence, I pray to my ancestors and spirit guides before going to bed every night from about two years ago. If they really exist, I wish to see them someday.

Still, my spirit guide is a Ochimusha... umm... I sometimes think even now whether the friend was genuine psychic medium haha. Anyways, she was an interesting person! I feel so.

See you next time!



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