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No.20 "The fateful meeting with my cat Aporo."


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

This time I will introduce about my cat Aporo. She often appears in my comic.

Meeting with my cat Aporo

In September 2012. One autumn night, when I came home there was a cat at the entrance. The cat was a little thin and the fur was rough, but she has beautiful blue eyes. "Meow!" She noticed and got closer to me. I was surprised because she was very friendly cat.

From that day she began to visit my house every night. She appeared around 8 o'clock night and seemed to be near the entrance until sun rises. I played with her every night. When I went inside, she scratched the front door and said "Meow (please open this door)". It touched my heart.

About ten days later, I persuaded my family to accept her. Thus the cat joined our family.

After that cat joined

The cat joined my family and I noticed a few things... She isn't friendly at all! I'm liked by her from the beginning, but she basically dislikes human beings. She still isn't used to my father, so she runs away if finds him.

And second is she also dislikes cats! At that time, there was a 15 year old resident cat. She started bubbling at the mouth like a crab until she got used to that old cat.
I wonder how she lived until met me...she is that timid.

About Aporo

Her name is "Aporo (not Apollo)", a female cat. I mostly call her "Apo" or "Anpon". This is just an aside, but my pseudonym is "Aporo (あぽろ)", it was named after her. I don't know her true age, but I guess she is 7 ~ 9 years old at present.

The character of cats are various. I feel she is like a human beings. The character is gentle, jealous and stubborn. Above all, she loves me. (always at my side.)

I live with three cats now. I feel a mysterious coincidence them. Especially about Aporo, I really believe it.


When she just came to in my house part 1

When she just came to in my house part 2

Around 2015



Aporo often appears in my comic, I'm glad if you remember her. I will introduce about other cats from now on.

Interacting with cats and animals can learn a lot of things. When I observe a cat, I find that they have many thoughts and emotions. So if you meet a cat (or other animals), please enjoy the contact with them!

See you next time!



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