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No.14 "Try Pendulum Dowsing! part2"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

To continue from previous story.
I decided to try Pendulum Dowsing, but it hardly worked. "Does this really move? I'm going to try it without giving up!"

So, I began to search how to work the pendulum.

Move the Pendulum Dowsing.

First of all, have your pendulum.
You can hold chain as you like. Generally, the pendulum held with your thumb and forefinger, but I think you can hold chain (or cord) as you like. You may not be able to move it well at first. In that case, you should keep it a little shorter.

Let's move the pendulum right now when you are ready!

●Turn the pendulum left or right.
●Move the pendulum diagonally.
●Stop the pendulum.

You may want to ask your pendulum "Please move like this". Don't worry even if your pendulum doesn't move at the moment!

Basic motion when you asked the pendulum.

There are two methods when asking questions using the pendulum.

1.Stopped state.
2.Being active state.

"1", the question starts from the state where the pendulum stopped.
"2", the question starts from the state where the pendulum is moving. (Right or left, diagonal, anyways you can do what you want.)
"1" method takes time to move, so "2" is recommended!

Learn the signs of YES and NO.

YES and NO are different for individuals. So, let's first ask your pendulum to know your own YES and NO!
"Is my gender a man (or woman)?"
Am I ?(your age) years old?

You should ask simple questions to your pendulum and you will know your YES and NO. Some people use pendulum mat. You can choose the way you like.

In my case, YES is counterclockwise and NO is clockwise. When I ask a vague question, there are reactions that it doesn't move or only a little bit. Since the pendulum moves depends on individuals, please observe carefully. And it is important to know your pendulum.

Let's ask!

You can ask your pendulum anything. If you're a beginner, you should ask a specific question. Because question content is very important, please change the question if your pendulum don't move.

And it is better to stop when your condition is bad day or feel a bit scared. It isn't limited to only spiritual things, but if you're not feeling well you should rest. Let's enjoy it in good condition!
Anyways it is important to try without giving up and to believe your pendulum!

My thinking after I tried pendulum.

My pendulum didn't move at all before, but when I tried it many times, it began to move little by little! At firs I doubted my pendulum. However I thought it was a very interesting tool. In other sites and books, it says "Your muscles are run". It is said that its principle is "Muscles run from unconscious to get an answer".

Although this is just my personal opinion, using the pendulum is quite a useful and interesting. I often use to know the subconscious and stones. (Sometimes also use it to find things.)

As I wrote you before, please don't give up even if your pendulum doesn't move. At first you may not catch the sensation, but you'll get the hang of it gradually. Don't worry!

I hope you enjoy the pendulum! See you next time!



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