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No.16 "Meeting with quartz crystal!"


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The reason I started collecting stones is here.

The story of 2016.

After I bought Aquamarine's pendant, I began to collect stones. "Speaking of stone is a bracelet!" Because had such an image, I decided to make a bracelet immediately.

I bought some curious stones and materials at online shopping.
When look at the stone's bracelets sold at shop, it often uses quartz crystal. So I copied it and made my bracelet with it. I thought it was so nice.

But...My arm was paining when I wore the bracelet containing quartz crystal beads. "It's just my imagination..." But when I took off it, my arm's pain disappeared.

"We don't have good chemistry. In the first place, quartz crystal looks like glass beads and I don't like it..." Thus I decided not to use the bracelet for a while. I had no idea the day would come when I love quartz crystal and gather it!!

What is quartz crystal??

Speaking of quartz crystal, what kind of form do you image? Quartz crystal is a mineral with silicon dioxide crystallized.

Mohs hardness of quartz crystal is 7, you can wear safely. (Mohs hardness is the scratchability of the stone. Numbers are from 1 to 10, 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest. For example, gypsum is 3 so it is very soft and diamond is 10.) If you wear soft stone, it may crack or be chipped. So when you get any stone, first check Mohs hardness.

Quartz crystal's group

I introduce the group of quartz crystal!

・Rose quartz
・Smoky quartz
・Morion (black quartz crystal)
・Milky quartz
・Rutile quartz etc...

There are various typs of quartz crystal. In particular, quartz crystal has many inclusions. The interesting of quartz crystal is that the effect is change depending on color and inclusion. Of course we know human beings will be affected by color, but that is very interesting.

What is the effect of quartz crystal?

The well-known quartz crystal effect is here.

・Make wishes come true
・An increase in energy
・Reveal subconsciousness
・Calm the mind etc...

Quartz crystal is sometimes called versatile stone because it is easy to fit with other stones and supports them. And it tends to absorb various energies. So let's purify it.

What is purification?

In many blogs and books, it is written about the necessity of stone purification. "Before you get the stone, it was touched by many It is in a state with various energies." "The stone absorbs negative energy. Just like a vacuum cleaner, you need to throw away garbage when it is full."
So when you get a stone maybe you can try purify it. "It sounds fishy theories!" You might think like that...because I was thinking too.
For example, when your stone isn't purified, it's possible that it will happen.

・When you wear a stone accessory, you have pain.
・You don't feel anything about stone's effect.
・your condition got worse etc...

In my case my arms often hurt. It tends to be them when I feel dull or purification is insufficient. Just to tell you, if you don't believe in purification or especially there is no bad change then, that’s doesn't always have to be the case. Please trust in your intuition and act. I think so.

How to purify the quartz crystal

Because quartz crystal is a strong stone, you can choose the way you like.

・Use flowing water
・Moonlight bathing
・Stone cluster
・Use incense or sage
・Salt etc...

Easy methods are "Sunbathing" and "Use flowing water". However, there is a possibility that some quartz crystal (amethyst, rose quart etc) will fade when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Please know your stone and try purification in the proper way.

When I purify my stones, sometimes notice that shine changes. It may be my imagination, but I feel it is so interesting.


At that time I didn't like quartz crystal but now it is one of my favorite stones! Especially I like quartz with inclusion. I have heard that "it starts with quartz and ends with quartz". Quartz crystal is deep stone.

If you're interested in quartz crystal, I want you to get it!
See you next time!



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