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No.25 "Your minerals may be tired!? Thinking about the mineral's purification."


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One day. My mother often wears a green agate pendant. I usually don't mind about it, but that day it caught my eye. "What is this strange feeling? Did this agate have such a dull color?" I remembered it was brighter green before, but now it looked quite dark.

"I've heard that minerals are exhausting same as human beings. It's fishy...umm OK, I try to purification of it!" Thus I decided to purify the Green Agate.

When should the mineral be cleaned? What is the sign?

The purification of minerals, it means to clean their energy and restore to former condition. Those signs are here.

● When you get a new mineral
● When the color is dull or discolored
● When you feel your mineral is tired etc...

When you wear them, they may be absorbing your thoughts or bad things. You need to throw it away if it gathers some trash. it's like a vacuum cleaner or an air purifier.
Minerals are easy to absorb people's feelings. Many people are touching them before they meet to you. So the first time you get a new mineral, you need to get rid of other people's energy.

About discolored mineral, it depends on the type of stone. You need to know if the mineral is tired or the property. Some minerals are weak in sweat and water, and fade with sunlight.
Therefore, I think it is important to understand the characteristics of the minerals.

How to purify your mineral?

There are many ways to purify stones, so I introduce some ways you can easily clean it.


This method exposes minerals to the sun. Sunlight cleans negative energy. It is also effective for human beings, it is said that sunlight have the effect of resetting your body clock and normalizes the nervous system.

The sunbathing method places your mineral in a sunny place by mid-morning. The time is about 5 minutes to 1 hour. However, be careful because some minerals discolor or faded. If you still want to sunbathe minerals, I recommend the morning sunshine. Please expose it for about 10 minutes.

●Moon bathing

This method exposes minerals to the moon.
It seems to be good between the new moon and the full moon. I especially recommend the time when the moon is waxing. If the weather is cloudy or rainy, it is possible to clean it with the moonlight. However, minerals that are weak to water should put by the window or in places where it won't rain. And labradorite and moonstone often prefer the moonlight.

Some people say that moon bathing is bad because it energy is a bit different. It is said that the sun is yang and the moon is yin. So it's up to you to try this method.

●Water purification

This method uses running water.
The easiest way is to use tap water, so wash your minerals with water until you feel that it has been cleaned. When finished, wipe or dry with a clean cloth. Some people use river water or distilled water.

This method cannot be tried on minerals that are weak in water.
Rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, hematite, chrysocolla, gypsum and more.
If you don't know about your mineral's property, it is important to know about them.

●Crystal quartz

This method uses a crystal quartz.
It is said that crystal quartz has the energy to purify. Prepare crystal quartz cluster or chips. And put the minerals you want to purify on top of the crystals. After that, leave it overnight.

This method can be used with any minerals, but you need to clean the crystal from time to time. Some people seem to stick to the crystal locality because energy is different depending on the growth area.

●Grateful feelings

This method conveys gratitude to your minerals.
You may think, "What a strange method!" I don't know how much of it is true but I've heard that minerals will be pleased if you take good care of them.

It is said that power of words (言霊 / Kotodama), it is thought our words has the power like a soul. If you feel ashamed, you say "thanks" to them in your mind. Surely your minerals will be glad to hear your kind words.

●Other purification methods
○Bury in the ground
○Purification by sound such as crystal tuner
○Incense and smoke etc...

I decided to expose my mother's green agate on the full moon day... then I felt like it was getting pretty clean! The next day I asked my mother "Aren't you tired lately? your pendant's color was dull." And then, my mother said "that was right." I felt it probably worked hard for my mother.

This gave me a chance to thinking about purification. If you have minerals, they may be happy if you take good care of them!

See you next time!



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