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No.17 "The reason I honored for my ancestors souls! part1"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

In recent years's story.
When I go to my grandmother's house, I realized that my condition was bad the next day. "My grandmother's house might be dusty...?" So I tried many things ,but after all I fell bad the next day.

Another day.
When I visit my ancestors graves, I get a headache the next day. Even if visited on a different day, the result was the same. I didn't feel so good.

I realized that when visit to some places, my condition was bad. "Grandmother's House" and "visit to a grave "...I thought maybe there is a spiritual cause.

What is spiritual inspiration?

It is said that everyone have a inspiration (sixth sense). Because it isn't visible, it is difficult for people like me to believe it. For example, there are mysterious abilities such as "Spiritual vision" and "Supernatural experience", but "Artistic", "intuition" and "ability to avoid crisis" are also recognized inspiration.

That's why I wrote an spiritual inspiration story because my condition was apparently related to it.

Why do I feel bad?

Why does my condition get worse in specific places... there're several possible causes.

1. Simply, my condition isn't good.

It is possible that allergy, lack of sleep, catch a cold etc. As is often said, I don't recommend thinking all things as spiritual or occult. If you're feeling really bad, please go to the hospital first. This is an important thing, I think so.

2. In case of receiving spiritual influence

I researched what happens if we receive spiritual influences.

○ Headache
○ Feel bad
○ Feeling heavy
○ Ears are ringing
○ Stomachache etc...

One place where spiritual energy comes in and out is "the back of the neck". So it seems that there is a possibility of headache or shoulder ache when you get something's spiritual influence from your nape. Then, people with a highly sensitive tends to be tired easily. Because they are open to the influence of both good and bad energy.

3. In case of receiving from specific place

We're affected by the land (area) and the energy of the place.

○ The magnetic field
○ The land energy isn't good
○ You and the place doesn't get along
○ Place where something bad has happened in the past
○ The route which ghosts through etc...

I felt bad when I went to some places my grandmother's house and visit to my ancestors graves. "I want to meet my grandmother and visit the grave but don't want to get sick. I can only say from my imagination...maybe some of my ancestors are dissatisfied...?" As such, I decided to honor for my ancestors souls. Next time I would like to write about the rest of the story.

See you next time!



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