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No.18 "The reason I honored for my ancestors souls! part2"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

To continue from previous story.

I realized that when visit to specific places from several years ago, my condition was bad. That was "my grandmother's house" and "when I visit to a grave". I wonder is there any possibility that some of my ancestors are dissatisfied with something? For example, ancestors couldn't go to the other world, they has regret or they are dissatisfied with something etc.

So I decided to honor for my ancestors souls. When I searched for about that, I could find a way of it. I decided to prepare some items and try it!

Before introduce the process

First, I think this method is Japanese style. I don't belong to any religion. You may seem strange, but many Japanese doesn't subscribe into any religion. And most of them believe deities (There are many deities in Japan, for example, even the toilet has deity), go to the shrine and temple, honor their ancestors, celebrate Christmas etc. Japanese religion are getting along with in our life.

Based on that story, I'll introduce the process!

Things to prepare

What you need to heal your ancestor's soul are 3 tools.

●Drinking water
●Incense stick
●Candy (hard candy or food that the ancestors loved)

Please change these (water, Incense incense and candy) to a new one every day for 38 days.

How to honor your ancestor

After preparing 3 tools, let's do the following.

1.Prepare place (make place to pray, such as table, box or simple altar), water and candy.
2.Light an incense stick.
3.Please remember your ancestors or the deceased and pray for that person.
4.Continue 1 to 3 for 38 days.
5.If it's possible, you pray with your family.

In my case I didn't have a altar so I put water and candy on the shelf. Then about "pray with family", this seemed a little difficult so I did it alone. But if your family will help, let's pray together!

The contents of I prayed at that time is here.

・Show my gratitude for ancestors.
・If there are those who remain in this world, I prayed for they all the happiness.
・Do you have any requests to me?
・I talked about my present situation etc...

Whatever the words, your feeling is important. If you pray with all your heart, it will surely reach them, I think so.


I tried it for 38 days. When first started I was thinking " I don't know how long can continue it because I get bored easily..." However I managed to do it.

It is now my daily habit is to pray my ancestors before going to bed. The old me would never have done such a thing. My heart has changed in recent years.

The next story is here "Did something change as I prayed for my ancestors?" See you next time!




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