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No.4 "Why did I get interested in spiritual things? part 3"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual manga website, I express with manga what I felt and experienced.

To continue from previous story.

I was interested in aura and decided to investigate soon. I have learned it little by little from books and websites. They had some common points, so I would like to introduce it today.

○ Aura has generally 7 main layers.
○ You can see the aura until the 2nd layer even if there is no spiritual ability.
○ When practicing to see your aura, I recommended you try seeing your hands. White background, bathroom, dark places are easy to see.
○ If you can see like a smoky things or filmy, it is the aura.
○ Aura has many colors

The important thing is "Don't be stuck on seeing aura." This is the same not only for Aura but also for spiritual ability, excessive obsessed delays your growth. However, those who want to get the spiritual ability, it will be difficult to let go of that feeling...I feel the same way. Anyway, I started to stare at my hands in my free time!

At first I became interested in aura and then spiritual things and occult world. If you are interested in the aura , let's try to see your hand!

See you next time!



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