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No.19 "Did something change as I prayed for my ancestors?"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

Why I decided to honor for my ancestors is here.

The way I did it is here.

I decided to pray for my ancestors with the method that I can do. The method was to prepare "Drinking water", "Incense stick", "Candy " for 38 days and pray. At the beginning, I didn't know how to tell my gratitude and prayer words so it felt very difficult for me. But I managed to finish it!

After trying for 38 days, since I felt some changes and mysterious things, I'll write it!

Introducing what happened after praying for my ancestors

This is a story when about 10 days had passed since I started praying for my ancestors. After I expressed my gratitude to them, I was thinking about visiting my ancestors graves. "When I go there next time, should I bring something...?" Suddenly, such image came into my mind. "...Chocolate..." I got confused. What did that mean? I didn't know at the time but my mother told me that my grandmother who passed away three years ago liked chocolate.

And a few days ago, I thought like this "I'm just guessing, but my grandfather also may want something...?" Then, the image came into my mind. "...Sake..." I asked my mother again and amazingly, it found out that my grandfather who passed away five years ago liked sake. I was very surprised that my images are facts.

After 38 days...

In the past few years, when I went to "grandmother's house" and "my ancestors graves", I wasn't feeling well. I went to these places after 38 days, but I was able to spend without feeling well! I was very happy!
Like a placebo effect, it has a possibility that it is just my imagination. (Because I cannot see my ancestors.) However, I'm so glad if my feeling arrived them.

By the way, after that, I went to the grave with chocolate and sake. My grandmother and grandfather must be pleased, I felt so.


When I wasn't interested in spiritual things, my attitude about ancestors and visiting graves was very lazy and irresponsible. But it was good to try it this time! I was able to tell my feeling of gratitude to my ancestors.

If you don't know how to pray for your ancestors, please try this. Or please tell your gratitude. Your feeling will reach them, I think so.

See you next time!



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