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No.1 "When I realized I was interested in the spiritual world"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual manga website, I express with manga what I felt and experienced.

Hi, my name is Aporo!

I had little interest in the spiritual world until about 2014, I couldn't believe spiritual and occult things at all.From my little curiosity, I decided to know the world.I'm going to write and draw about the trigger in near future.
"I would like to get an inspiration ..."I began to think about such things in recent times.

About me


Japan in Miyazaki

3.What about myself in 2014?
No inspiration. I have never seen a ghost and more.

4.What is the change since 2014?
I almost never visited the shrine until 2014, but I often go to the shrine now.
Then I got interested in mineral.

5.Where do you get information from?
I read many spiritual books. And use website.
Other way, my mother's colleague has spiritual ability (psychic).
I sometimes hear the story from my mother.

6.What do you want to do in the future?
I would like to get spiritual ability haha.


I'd like to share my own experiences with you.I hope you like it.

Thank you!




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