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No.2 "Why did I get interested in spiritual things? part 1"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual manga website, I express with manga what I felt and experienced.

About 2013.

My mother suddenly talked "My colleague has a clairvoyant. She is able to see ghost, God and more."Neither my mother nor I didn't have such a friend.However, there are people who have that ability in their mother's workplace...

At first I couldn't believe the talk.But I didn't think my mother and colleagues tell a lie...!I don't know, what is clairvoyant??

What is spiritual things?

What do you imagine when you hear "spiritual things"?I think many people will imagine "ghosts".In fact there are various kinds of spiritual things, and it is said that "anyone has the psychic ability (sixth sense)".
For example...

○ Feel the aura
○ Have a rich imagination or a sudden epiphany
○ Easy to get what you want
○ Avoid the crisis
○ You can understand the feelings of the other person etc

However spiritual abilities are differences according to each individual.People with high ability see ghosts, future vision, aura, God etc.


I felt stinky about the talk of the person who could see ghost and God.But my mother isn't a woman to tell a lie.I thought "How interesting if it is true."

I'm curious, so decided to investigate the spiritual things.This was the beginning of everything...!




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