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No.7 "The reason I started collecting minerals."


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The reason I started collecting stones.

The story started in May 2016.
When I was surfing the net, I met the page selling the stone "Aquamarine". At that time, I wasn't interested in stone (mineral, gem). But that day was different.
"Oh, it is a gem called aquamarine. What a beautiful stone!"

I didn't wear any accessories then, so gave up to buy it once. However, However, I couldn't get it out of my head. Yes, I realized I was thinking about it the whole time. A month later ... I decided to buy it. It arrived soon. The aquamarine looked just the same as in the photo, it is a very beautiful mineral.

What is Aquamarine?

Speaking of aquamarine, you will imagine blue or light blue. The mineral name is "Beryl". Emeralds, morganite and heliodor are same group. In Japan, it is famous as a birthstone for March.
Gem language are "brave", "calm" and "intelligent". It is called "sea stone".

mysterious story of stone.

As I start collecting it, it turned out there are various points of contact in the stone and spiritual things. Recently, we have many chances to get stones and many people know that stones have marvelous power. Some of them talk to stones and understand their feelings.

Then it is said that stones have various interesting effects. The effect of Aquamarine is here.

○ Heal your mind and in relieving frustration.
○ Recover throat.
○ Improve interpersonal relationships.
○ Improve communication skills.
○ Charm for safe travel.

As above, you can see aquamarine is a healing stone. My thoughts about it are "healing" and "kindness". When I was nervous, I felt like it supported me. Of course, I know it might be my imagination. But stones are so beautiful and there is no doubt we are healed by seeing it.

Anyways, I got an aquamarine pendant! This is the reason why I was interested in the stone.
See you next time!



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