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Aura (Human energy field)

No.5 "Misty? Steam? Aura?"


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To continue from previous story.

I have got interested in aura and decided to gather that information. I sometimes looked at my hands at free time. And thought, "Does aura really exist?"

And thus, a year had passed since I started to learn about aura. I got the information that "It is easy to see the aura in the dark place", so I decided to try it before going to bed. After a while, I felt like... saw something a little misty things around my hand! I thought it was a mistake, but I could still be seen around my hand. "This is Aura??" I was very pleased with that.

I tried several things.

○ Make the room dark.
○ Make me feel relaxed.
○ To calm down mind.
○ Take off the glasses.

The important thing is to relax your mind. And if you use glasses or contact lenses, you should try taking off it. In my case, I got a good result without glasses.

That is how I was able to see the aura for the first time. But it didn't last too long, disappeared in about 5 minutes.
At that time I realized that aura really exists.

See you next time!


-Aura (Human energy field)

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