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Aura (Human energy field)

No.6 " Disappeared aura! What is the important point of seeing the aura?"


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To continue from previous story.

I had been trying to see something like an aura in a dim place and finally succeeded! The next day, I tried to see it again. But...What? It disappeared completely... I couldn't see it. I wonder what I saw last night was a illusion ....??

What is the important point of seeing the aura?

On the previous story, I was be able to see the aura in my hands. There are several recommended ways to see the aura, so let’s look at it one by one.

○ See in a bright place such as under the sun
○ At dawn or evening time
○ Dim place
○ When taking a bath time

"Which time would you recommend after all?" You must have thought so. I recommend "during bathing" and "dim place". It feel easy to see when body becomes warm. So if you will practice seeing your aura, summer is easier than in winter.
Then there are some important things.

○ It depends on your condition. How are you feeling?
○ Are you relaxed?

The same is true not only for aura but also for spiritual ability. You should take a rest when your condition is bad. Let's take it easy!

It took me about over a year to see something like misty. "Is it really possible to see the aura? Does it really exist??" I doubted it many times. Even now I'm a beginner, but I 'd like to share many things with you!

See you next time!


-Aura (Human energy field)

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