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No.26 "The meeting with my cat Wasabi!"


Thank you for visiting my web! This site is my spiritual comic website, I express with comic what I felt and experienced.

I will write about meeting with one of the three cats "Wasabi" this time, it's a long story.

About November 2017. My parents and I visited my mother's parents' house. The maternal grandparents died and no one lived in the house so this house was planned to be dismantled soon. The garden was overgrown with weeds and I was getting rid of them. And then, I found four kittens there. Every kitten had a very cute face, but I realized that one of them was very small compared to the other kittens. I thought "that small kitten may die before pass the winter." Because the cold season is tough for any stray cats, especially kittens are difficult to pass the winter.

So I didn't know if I could catch the kitten, but decided to buy some cat foods at a nearby store and feed the kittens. However, the three kittens ate a lot of cat food but the small kitten was just looking from a distance. There is a pecking order in the cat' world and the little kittens seemed to be very weak. An hour later, I was finally able to catch when the kitten was off guard. I noticed that there was a tortoiseshell cat nearby. It was probably a mother cat and her face showed, "Oh! My kitten is caught by a human!!" I cannot forget that facial expression even now.

We got into the car and decided to put the kitten in the cardboard. However, the kitten caught our off guard and broke out of it! We looked for the cat inside the car in haste, but we couldn't find the cat. On the contrary, we couldn't even hear the cat voice. By my father's suggestion, we decided to bring the car to a nearby auto-repair shop. Some car mechanics opened the car dashboard and checked everything, but we couldn't find the cat. We came to the conclusion that the kitten must have run away and decided to go home...

After a while, I caught a small sound in the car. When I listened carefully, as expected I could catch the kitten's voice from around the dashboard! Surprisingly, the kitten was hiding in the dashboard!

After returning home, I was going to wait and see. So then I set cat food and water in the car. Nearly 9 hours had passed since the kitten had disappeared. I finished eating dinner and waiting in the car. I tried the app that can play the cat voice. This app can play various cat voices, some sounds were mother cat. when I was playing the sound of a mother cat many times, suddenly I heard the kitten voice "Meow" from below seat. I looked at my feet and finally found the kitten! Thus the kitten were saved.

The cat who came to our house was named "Wasabi(わさび)".

What is a tortoiseshell cat?

A tortoiseshell cat has black and brown mottled fur. Their patterns aren't very popular and sometimes called "Dust cloth fur".

The character of the tortoiseshell cat is here.


Actually, I didn't know much about tortoiseshell cat until now, but this time Wasabi has come to my home and felt strongly... she is very clever!! She may be the cleverest cat I've ever lived with. Of course I know it depends on the cat, but I was very surprised at her learning ability.
At the same time, it can also be said that being wise is timid. I think all of the above describes applies to my cat Wasabi.

If your cat disappears in the car?

I searched about "A cat disappeared in the car", it seems that cats sometimes go missing in the car. It is especially the case of kittens.

In the case of Wasabi, I guess she went in through a small hole at the end of the gas pedal. In addition, cat may be in small gaps or unexpected places, such as under a door pocket or seat. If you cannot find a cat even if you are looking for it, the best thing to do is to bring your car to a garage (auto repair shop) or the dealer. In the case of kitten, they especially have no physical strength. And depending on the season, there is a high possibility of dehydration in a few hours.

Wasabi wasn't found when checking the dashboard at the auto repair shop, but as a result, she was saved by the cat's voice app. I think such a case is rare, but I recommend that you try any possible way!



November 2017, when she just came to in my house.

Around 4 months old part1

Around 4 months old part2

When the color of her eyes turned yellow

Around 6 months old

May 2018

April 2019


A sequel to the story. I went to my mother's parents' house again for the other kittens, but they weren't there already. The mother cat must have felt danger and moved. I thought I really done terrible thing for the mother cat. However it was good to bring Wasabi home. I had a bit mixed feelings, but the worst thing is to die.

Then when Wasabi came to my house, she was very light in weight for her age, and a lot of grass was attached. (Bidens pilosa var. pilosa /センダングサ, the grass has splinter form, it attached to animals and fibers and breed.)
However, the results of the test were all good. ( cats FIV and FeLV were negative) Now she is very affectionate and sleeps with her every day. Tortoiseshell cats are unpopular cats, but I think they are very smart and cute.

As an aside, all the cats in my house, except for one (Kurumi), I found and took my home. Kurumi, I'll introduce the cat in the future.

See you next time!



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