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No.12 "This is my first fortune telling! part2"


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I finally had my fortune told by a fortune teller!
"What is Tarot fortune telling? I cannot imagine it..." I was nervous and shuffled the tarot cards as directed by the fortune teller. She said "Think of what you want to ask your questions, please put your heart into shuffled card." That word sounded strange to me. Is my feelings related to the cards??

Anyways I waited for the result!

What kind of fortune telling was it?

The method of tarot at that time is here.

1.The fortune teller spread cards on tablecloth and shuffles it. Shuffle in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.
2.My turn!Shuffle cards clockwise (or counterclockwise) while imagining what I want to ask my questions. Shuffle according to the fortune teller.。
4. Divide cards into three parts.
5.Put the divided cards into one.
6.The fortune-teller's turn! Place tarot cards face up and read the meaning.

The yellow lines are I did things. How to shuffle depends on a fortune teller, but the fortune teller gently taught me so even a beginner was ok. ((Depending on a fortune teller, some people don't like tarot cards being touched by others be careful!)

What does the Tarot cards mean?

I got results with tarot cards! However how does the fortune teller reading tarot cards?

About tarot cards
There are two types of tarot cards are divided into "Major Arcana" and "Minor Arcana".
The major arcana consists of 22 cards, and the minor arcana is 78 cards. The minor arcana is composed of 78 pieces including 22 major arcana.

Each card has name and number, and all of them have meaning.

About card up and down
"Upright" and "Reverse" is called, the meaning will change depending on the card up and down.
(Depending on fortunetelling method, it doesn't care about up and down.)

About the picture
When examining tarot cards, every card is unique and interesting. It is said that "The tarot's also meaning necessary, but the inspiration that you feel from the picture is very important things".

So if you get tarot card, you should believe your inspiration and choose it.

Let’s get back on track. Tarot card is up to the interpretation and inspiration by fortune teller. So it depends on the fortuneteller even for the same card.

Meaning of lay out tarot cards

The fortune teller layed the tarot cards like this.

This layout is "The Celtic Cross". It is most popular pattern used. Let's read the meaning!

1.The present. (1' is a deeper explanation for 1.)
2.Challenges the issue.
3.Represents the present, things on the surface.
4.Represents the basis of the situation, unconscious mind.
5.The past, cause.
6.The future, next step.
7.Represents your power in the situation.(7' is a deeper explanation for 7.)
8.Represents the effects and situation of people around you.
9.Represents your hopes or fears or abilities.

Fortune tellers read the current situation, future and past from this layout and cards. "Why does this fortune teller say bad things...?" If you feel so, you should try to see the cards. "Death", "The Tower", "The Devil" and "Reverse cards"... There are many meaning cards. The important thing is...I think what you will do in the future!

How was my outcome?

That fortune teller used "Tarot card" and "Spiritual vision". I heard that she reads only people who feel so "I need to lead this person now".
Anyway about my outcome, since it was about ten years ago. But I can remember some words.
"I recommend you a city, rather than the countryside. I would rather recommend you go abroad than Japan."
"You are a very energetic, so everything is ok."
"You have a very strong aura. You have bad chemistry with aura's weak person."

Those words were very impressive. The shop has gone, so I don't know how the fortune teller is currently doing, but I think that it was a very interesting experience.

I'm planning to write another post, but after that I met some fortune tellers who used "spiritual vision". They read me and all of them said, "You are ok. No problem!". I think that is a little boring. (I know it is very wonderful things!)And after a few years I got my tarot card. If you have a chance of tarot reading, enjoy it!

See you next time!


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